Justin C. Darby jdarby at powercom.net
Wed Feb 25 12:14:00 CET 2004

I have a DFI AZ30-TL sitting in the corner, now collecting dust, that I
built for a little duron box in the recent past. The boards, even new,
are really cheap, and I was wondering if LinuxBIOS had enough support to
get ide booting (via cf adapter) and video to work on them. I want to
use this board for a car-based installation, so it (the board) being
cheap and maybe unreliable is no problem. :)

Here are the basics I beleive have been asked for in the past:

VIA® chipsets:
North bridge: VIA® KM266
South bridge: VIA® VT8235CD 

It has normal 184-pin DDR sockets, shared ProSavage8(TM) video (which I
perceive to be a problem already..), generic PCI IDE, etc.

I'd attach the output of scanpci, but only kernels on the box have
grsecurity running on them and scanpci needs ioperm(). If it's needed, I
can get it, I'll just need to build a new kernel for the box.

DFI has its generic, non-detailed specs at

I have some system hacking experience, but I'm mostly a generic
application developer, low level code is not entirely my forte.


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