Freebios1 STPC Elite development board changes attached

Fathi BOUDRA fboudra at
Wed Feb 25 08:52:01 CET 2004


thanks for all, the compile works now. I used the redhat 7.1.
with Debian stable (woody) it works also.

Now i try to use the romimage with my stpc elite board but it hangs after:
	Call init
Enabling com device: 04
	iobase = 0x03f8	irq=4

after this some strange character ...
On my stpc elite card, i have only 2 serial ports, no floppy, no parallel 
port. Maybe something goes wrong with this ...

i try to use NO_KEYBOARD option set to 1 and MUST_ENABLE_FLOPPY option set to 
0 but no change.

if someone have an idea ..., now i'm looking into the sources.

Best regards


> These are the versions I used (from redhat 7.1):
> Program	Version	Used for
> python	1.5.2	Configuring the BIOS.
> perl	5.6.0	Used during building the image.
> make	3.79.1	For orchestrating compilation etc
> gcc	2.96	The C compiler.
> binutils	2.10.91	Other program building tools, assembler, linker etc.
> fileutils	4.0.36	dd, cp, ls, mkdir etc
> textutils	2.0.11	cat etc
> sed	3.02	scripts
> bash	2.04.1	Command shell, shell scripts
> cvs	1.11	Extracting/updating files from the external project archive
> sh-utils	2.0	date etc, note some such as echo, test etc are bash built-ins
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