Freebios1 STPC Elite development board changes attached

Peter Fox at
Mon Feb 23 10:11:01 CET 2004

Please find attached my changes to support the STPC Elite
processor, and the mainboard/elite build configuration for
the STPC Elite development board.

These changes are for freebios1. They are mostly copies
of the consumer-II stuff by Steve M. Gehlbach, but modified
to remove all the graphics stuff, as the Elite has no
graphics controller, and to add initialisation for the
GP clock etc.

I've also put in the bit-bashing SPD code for the Elite,
though I don't use it on the development mainboard.

I can run Redhat 7.1 fine (serial console only) using filo as
the payload. This is using the 20/01/2004 snapshot for other

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