compile error

Fathi BOUDRA fboudra at
Tue Feb 17 04:53:01 CET 2004


i installed a redhat 6.2 and have the toolchain needed by linuxbios :
egcs-2.91.66, gas-2.95, ...
i take linuxbios from the cvs, and as usual, followed the HOWTO.
i tried the sis630 and stpc targets.
and again, i can't do the compilation.

for the stpc  and the winfast same error :
gcc -x assembler-with-cpp -DASSEMBLY -E ... crt0.S > crt0.s
gcc ... -o crt0.o crt0.s
crt0.s : Assembler messages:
crt0.s:2303: Error: suffic or operands invalid for 'jmp'
make: *** [crt0.o] Error 1

so how can you use linuxbios ?

best regards


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