LinuxBIOS....on desktop PCs?

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at
Wed Feb 11 13:09:01 CET 2004

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 10:28:45AM -0700, ron minnich wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Peter Stuge wrote:
> > Do you know the LinuxBIOS status on it? Is it different from plain EPIA?
> it's the 6000 I think, a variant of the -M

Yes, EPIA-CL6000E is what I'm looking at.
( -> Mainboards -> Mini ITX -> EPIA CL)

There's also an EPIA-ME6000 but that doesn't seem to have dual NICs.

I figure the numbers just describe the CPU, 5000=533MHz Eden,
6000=600MHz Eden, 800=800MHz C3 and 10000=1GHz C3 Nehemiah, where 533 and
600 are fanless.

So I guess this means a new port.. -cl that is.
Or maybe enough is similar between the three variants that -cl will
actually work with one of the two existing ports?


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