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Tue Feb 10 16:24:08 CET 2004

Add Tyan to that list.

Support documentation--HOWTOs are always nice. There are so many possible 
combinations of mainboards and variatous revisions of different mainboards 
and flash parts that it's impossible for any single party to test them 
all. If you get around to building and installing LinuxBIOS for your 
machine, we'd like to hear about your experience and details about which 
parts work.

And you should add Tyan ( to your list. Dr. Lu has 
contributed a lot to the project and the S2885 has shown to be a very 
capable workstation and server mainboard.

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Ben Wang wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been following the mailinglist for some time now (several months) 
> I have noticed that there is alot of active development.
> I represent a System Integration company (Synrax) based in Australia 
> however, I have also been in contact with my manufacturers and have 
> managed to capture their interest regarding LinuxBIOS.  These 
> manufacturers include:
> Axiomtek (
> Iwill (
> Evalue (
> Axiomtek and Evalue produce embedded SBCs whilst Iwill products 
> Server/Workstation mainboards.
> My question is, what type of support documentation and/or other 
> information is required to take LinuxBIOS to an even greater level?
> I wish to try/port LinuxBIOS to as many different boards as I can 
> (time/resources permitting). Unfortunately, BIOS level programming is a 
> relatively new area for me so my contributions may be limited to testing 
> and providing documentation (where possible) initially.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this.
> Regards,
> Ben Wang
> Senior Applications Engineer,
> Synrax Australia Pty. Ltd.
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