ATI gets a clue.

Richard Smith rsmith at
Tue Feb 10 14:11:00 CET 2004

Bari Ari wrote:

>> You have to set up an NDA with ATI to get the info.  I'm allowed to 
>> release my _code_ but the docs describing all the registers are 
>> protected by the NDA and are not publicly available.
> Are they allowing you to release source or just a binary?
> If it's source then it gets tricky as to how you comment your code since 
> you're under NDA. There have been several issues that have come up on 
> this list and all I could do was offer a binary solution.

I specifically asked about source and I was very detailed in my request 
so I am interpreting thier response to source really means source.  I 
plan on integrating it into the LinuxBios code for our board so binary 
only is not an option.

Yes commenting could be abused if I started listing all the registers, 
thier descriptions and meanings in my comments.  I don't plan on 
commenting any different than I normally would though.  Which pretty 
much only involves heavly commenting things that don't work like the 
docs say they should.

Most of the info is already present in the atyfb kernel framebuffer 
driver anyway.

I've requested an "offical" permission statement so I'll just have to 
wait and see what in that to really know.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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