ATI gets a clue.

Richard Smith rsmith at
Tue Feb 10 11:17:01 CET 2004

Gregg C Levine wrote:

> Hello (again) from Gregg C Levine

> Richard, I've got a Mach64 chip here, or at least one part of the set,
> here. Do you know where I can track down the literature for it? I've
> been resisting designing it into a design because of that problem. And
> yes, I've got a number of ATI based video cards here, probably both
> either PCI, or AGP based.

You have to set up an NDA with ATI to get the info.  I'm allowed to 
release my _code_ but the docs describing all the registers are 
protected by the NDA and are not publicly available.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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