ATI gets a clue.

Terry Blunt terry at
Mon Feb 9 18:02:00 CET 2004

"Hendricks David W." <dwh at> wrote:

> We don't need to with nVidia, we can run their VGA BIOS using testbios.
> Though in the perfect world, they'd be more forthcoming with specs so that
> someone can make an LB port for their nForce boards.
> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Carlos Silva wrote:
> > Really nice news... i'll keep dreaming that nvidia will do the same.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can never understand hardware
manufacturers being cagey about their specs. I would have thought it would
save them a lot of hassle if they *didn't* have to write drivers themselves.
If they made the information available with suggestions and worked examples,
the software industry would do it all for them.

To forestall one argument, I really don't see anyone being able to reverse
engineer the *hardware* from the overall specs.

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