vga emulator new version

Richard Smith rsmith at
Sat Feb 7 23:32:00 CET 2004

ron minnich wrote:

Ok.. No change for me.

A slight update is that I now know what all those int15 calls are and 
what they do.  Except I can't tell cause its NDA stuff.

I can tell you that I added that support into int15.c and it didn't make 
  any differnce.

Somthing is still not quite right with the emulation since both under 
ADLO and IDT mode I can get a VSYNC but not with the emulator.

I'm going to try and add my int15 stuff to ADLO and IDT and see what 

Oh and Ron would it be too much trouble to enable/disable all your extra 
printfs of ins and outs with the -DDEBUG or perhaps a command line 
switch.  Took me awhile to find that they weren't part of the DEBUG setup.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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