Build problem - %rdx used with `l' suffix

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Feb 5 02:29:01 CET 2004

* Tarl Neustaedter <Tarl.Neustaedter at> [040205 01:45]:
> As it happens, I'm getting that error building arima/hdama from
> an Opteron (it was suggested as a good starting point for a working
> prom that I could branch off from). It looks like the code in romcc
> has changed enough that the fix doesn't directly apply, and there was
> some doubt as to whether that was the necessary fix. Is there something
> else I should be doing to avoid this error?

If you add the following two lines to your target Makefile it should
  uses CC
  option CC="gcc -m32"
Building a 64bit image is not (yet) supported, LinuxBIOS/AMD64 is 32bit.

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