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  Home groan motherboard that does not have a serial connection
Due to cost concerns.  So using the serial line is out of the
  Has no one else hit this?  One idea I have being a PIC lover is
To use some LED's on the mother board and make a serial protocol 
Over the LED's, much like a software UART for a PIC.
  Anyone have an input on this? 


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What's you motherboard...

If you are using btext_console, then you may need to add bcontext
console calling in memtest+, Please refer btext in Etherboot....


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  I'm trying to get memtest+ to fly on our system.  Problem is That I
don't have a console on my system.  I have USB and a video card, But the
video card bios isn't run since I run linuxbios.
  Can anyone please give me a hint as to how they've done it?

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