How about using LinuxBIOS for WakeUp

Thomas Wehrspann thomas at
Thu Dec 23 10:14:01 CET 2004

On Sunday 19 December 2004 00:31, Juha Anon wrote:
> I'm woundering if LinuxBIOS would be a good basis for a wakeup mechanism 
> for a Home Theater PC (HTPC).
There are three ways to wake up a computer and i think only one is working 
with LinuxBIOS.
1) An external hardware wakeup device is always working.
2) The program NVRAM-WakeUp uses the BIOS fuctions for wakeup and does not 
work with freebios1 (i can't use freebios2)
3) And if a ACPI based solution is working, i don't know, either.


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