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On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Gin wrote:

> The getpir util generates a routing table by looking at the memory 
> config of my "developing" machine. How's it related to my target 
> machine?

It almost certainly is wrong, unless all the wires on the machines are
absolutely identical. I am willing to guess your irq tabls for the
target are wrong.

You can only use getpir if you have a working bios.  Otherwise you
Will get junk.  Considering your board is new, you don't have a
Working bios, no?  You have to go the hard way and read the 
Bottom link as to how to make the irq.c file.  Base it off of your
Motherboard design and make changes where the wires are, based on
The shematic.  Enjoy:)

> Any document I can reference? This link mentioned on irq_tables.c 
> doesn't work.

oh great. I will try to find a copy here.


Here it is:
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