booting slow

Gin ginlin at
Wed Dec 15 16:56:01 CET 2004

>Seen this when interrupts in irq.c were wrong based on 
>The motherboard.  In our case we'd use etherboot to
>Load the kernel (which doesn't handle interrupts) then
>Once kernel was loaded we'd see the problem.  This
>Was fixed by fixing the irq table.

Thanks for the hint.
I am able to load the kernel now. It just executes commands very slowly.

One question for the irq_routing table(is that what you mean by irq.c?).
The getpir util generates a routing table by looking at the memory
config of my "developing" machine. How's it related to my target

Any document I can reference? This link mentioned on irq_tables.c doesn't work.


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