keyboard controller jammed

Gin ginlin at
Fri Dec 10 22:33:01 CET 2004

>What is your southbridge (LPC) again ? I guess you
>LPC bridge does not have scan_static_bus is its
>device:scan_bus() method. 

I guess you are correct. So the PNP devices are there but didn't get
looped through. But that's in the chip_op of the LPC bridge. It should
be fixed in the code??
I did change the board config file for my target board. Here is my
North Bridge: E7501
South Bridge: ICH3 - S
SuperIO: SMSC(LPC47B27x)

The code I am based on right now is ICH5 and Winbond w83627hf.
Some Dev ID of ICH5 and ICH3-s are different. LPC bridge is one of them.
Don't know if it matters?

Is there code for ICH3-s and SMSC superIO that I can use? Otherwise I
will need to modify from the code I have now. 


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