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Fri Dec 3 20:36:01 CET 2004

Who know the software solution?

--- Alexander Amelkin <alexander at amelkin.msk.ru>

> Hi!
> zss>    I hope when power is on, my MB can boot
> without
> zss> press the switch. How can I do that?
> Browse the archive of the list for the answer.
> Keyword is M789.
> The main idea is to put a small (~~20uF) capacitor
> between the two pins
> of the power switch header on the motherboard.
> You must only do that if your motherboard does not
> have a "Power Loss
> Restart" or similar option in the BIOS Setup.
> LinuxBIOS as far as I know, does not allow to set
> the power loss restart
> option.
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