EPIA flash questions

Joshua Wise joshua at joshuawise.com
Sun Aug 29 13:46:01 CEST 2004

> It's a hack of a BIOS savior using one FlashROM, no PCB, just a switch 
> and three
> wires. I don't know what the BIOS saviour is doing exactly, but 
> generally you could
> wire two identical FlashROMs in parallel (except the /CE signal).
Heck, you could wire as many as you'd like in parallel, as long as the 
motherboard's fanout is great enough.

The disadvantage to the hack using the 040 is that you only get 256k per 
side - with a /CE hack, it is theoretically possible to get 512k per 
side, given that you have a big enough flash chip.

Also put a pull-up resistor on the /CE of both flash parts so that when 
the switch is not selecting one of them, the /CE line is not floating.


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