EPIA flash questions

Sven Luebke sven.luebke at mikrosol.de
Sun Aug 29 09:43:00 CEST 2004

At 12:02 29.08.2004 +0000, Miernik wrote:

Hi Miernik!

> > I would not recommend hot swap. 20 times and then your contacts will 
> fade or
> > break( epia has very little space ).
> > BIOS savior is much better solution if you plan to work with Linuxbios( 
> I've
> > burned mine 30+ times already with it... ).
>Does anyone have any schematics of a BUIS savior (to do it yourself).
>I'm interested in making these, and maybe even selling them to
>interested people, but before I start designing my own schematics,
>maybe someone has seen it somewhere.

Look at:


It's a hack of a BIOS savior using one FlashROM, no PCB, just a switch and 
wires. I don't know what the BIOS saviour is doing exactly, but generally 
you could
wire two identical FlashROMs in parallel (except the /CE signal). Then you 
the /CE signal coming from the Mainboard to the switch. The other two pins 
of the
switch are connected to the /CE signal of the two FlashROMs. That's all...

Disadvantage: You'll need a 32pin PLCC-Plugin-Adapter (I don't know the 
right name)!

Best regards,


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