EPIA flash questions

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Thu Aug 26 17:00:59 CEST 2004

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Subject: EPIA flash questions

> Hi folks,
> Well, I finally got myself a Linuxbios supported board (an EPIA
> ME-6000). Later tonight I'm going to order a flash from Mouser to swap
> out, but before I do, I have a few questions:
> On board is a PLCC form factor 39SF020A. Mouser also carries the
> 39SF040A, which is a 512k ROM. The pinouts seem to be the same, but I'm
> not sure whether the extra address lines are carried out anywhere. Does
> anyone know whether the EPIA will be able to use the extra 256k?
> Also, I was not planning on getting a BIOS savior. Does anyone have
> experience with hotswapping flashes on the EPIA? Will bad things happen
> if I do? Do I need to make myself an external board with chip select
> lines, or can I just hotswap?

I would not recommend hot swap. 20 times and then your contacts will fade or
break( epia has very little space ).
BIOS savior is much better solution if you plan to work with Linuxbios( I've
burned mine 30+ times already with it... ).

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