New targets

ron minnich rminnich at
Wed Aug 25 15:08:01 CEST 2004

FYI I'm doing a port for the 855PM chipset, ICH4 south, for a Pentium-M 
box. Let's see how it goes. This is with V2. 

More about the board later. I am mentioning this as I got from zero to an 
initial source tree that compiles to a romimage in about 90 minutes, with 
all the chips (not correct yet!) in place. 

There's enough code you can use in the V2 tree now to really move fast to
build new platforms. Romcc is a big help here. 

I hope others will see this and take heart. 

There's also (finally) a transmeta platform in the works (V2 as well).


p.s. Has anyone seen the widely publicized Intel web site with BIOS source
on it? I have not yet seen it ... anyone have the URL? Someone asked me
about it again yesterday, and I did not know what to tell them. Is the
"Intel open source BIOS" just press releases so far with no code?

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