booting other oses

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Wed Aug 25 04:11:01 CEST 2004

* Jakob Praher <jpraher at> [040825 09:31]:
> how/where does linuxbios do the loading of other oses?

LinuxBIOS can load an arbitrary static ELF binary from flash or disk.

> linuxbios loads the linux kernel from the flashrom, which then it is in
> real mode imho.

It can also load a bootloader from flash, like etherboot, filo or
start openbios. This is all in protected mode though. Real mode is gone
for good 17 instructions after power-on
> for instance how would linuxbios boot into for instance grub or lilo?

grub and lilo both don't work in LinuxBIOS since they are using PCBIOS
16bit callbacks ("interrupts") for IO. If you want to use those anyways,
have a look at ADLO 

(See mailing list archive for above phrases ;)


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