help with new motherboard Soyo 6BA+

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Tue Aug 24 02:14:01 CEST 2004

* Jeremy Jackson <jerj at> [040824 08:51]:
> Hi,
> I'm getting C1 (pause 6 seconds) C6, hang on the post card.  I modified 
> the smartcore-p3 (also 440BX based.  Possibly there's 0x10 for an 
> instant to start.
> I'll post all the lspci stuff tomorrow, just wondering if those post 
> codes ring a bell for anyone.  I can't find those in the code anywhere.

Any serial console output? It seems there is neither post code C1 nor C6 
in all of LinuxBIOS. 

What's the reason for having both post_code() and
intel_chip_post_macro()? I'd suggest renaming the later to post_macro()
or post_code() as well..


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