Panasonic CF-25LJM8EAM Toughbook - what are the chances?

Bari Ari bari at
Fri Aug 20 16:25:01 CEST 2004

Miernik wrote:
> I bought a Pansonic CF-25LJM8EAM notebook. 
> All important chips on the mainboard are listed here:
> Bari, can you spot which one is the "keyboard controller" which you 
> said is usually the critical problem on getting LinuxBIOS to a laptop?

The keyboard controller usually doesn't show up on lspci. You have to 
open the case and look at the board.

> What are the chances of getting this to work?

I think the TX chipset is supported under version 1 (the old tree) of 

> The BIOS flash is unfortunately soldered, but I thing of giving the 
> mainboard to an electronics facility so they can desolder it and 
> solder a socket there.
> Interesting, the CPU is in a socket, so it might be possible to mount 
> a AMD K6-2 350 MHz. It is possible on other Intel 430TX motherboards 
> after binary patching the BIOS. Here is a site with binary patches for
> such BIOSes in many motherboards:

I'd have to dig back into the TX datasheets to see how the TX handled 
cpu changes. It may use pinstraps vs register settings or a combination 
of both.


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