Opteron / Tyan motherboard fault on boot.

Dave Belfer-Shevett dbs at stonekeep.com
Fri Aug 20 12:11:00 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 13:03, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> > I hit 'Q' here.
> The 'Q' option is generic in etherboot and it does not do anything sensible
> under LinuxBIOS.  So you are probably triggering a triple fault again.
> It does look like the code you have does not know how to reboot properly
> but that is a minor issue.

Okay, sounds fine.
> > I'm experiencing other problems with this bios image as well.  I can't
> > boot of hard drive or off floppy, it justs, for [D]isk boot  "probing
> > pci disk [IDE] LBA48mode, disk-1...
> > Searching for image...
> > <abort>
> > Probing pci disk...
> > [IDE]
> > Probing isa disk...
> > <sleep>
> > Boot from (N)etwork...
> Unless you have an ELF header at the start of your disk that is likely
> the culprit.  

Ummm.  okay, so I need to make an elf-enabled floppy disk image?

> The simple path is to get etherboot working with an image created by mkelfImage.

I agree 8)

> > When I replace the BIOS chip back with the AMI original image, I'm able
> > to boot from floppy without a problem.
> You have a cluster node with a floppy drive?

Only when I pull the blade out and manually hook a floppy drive to it so
I can re-flash the bios.

But getting back on track, am I doing this sequence improperly?

On the boot host...
cd /usr/src/linux[whatever]
make bzImage
I end up with an arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage bootable image.
cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /tftpboot
~/src/mkelfImage-2.5/objdir/sbin/mkelfImage --kernel=/tftpboot/bzImage
I alter dhcpd.conf to have 'filename "test1"'

I restart dhcpd, restart the blade.

Note the Etherboot header says:

Loading Etherboot version: 5.2.4
ROM segment 0x0000 length 0x0000 reloc 0x00000000
CPU 2063mhz
Etherboot 4.2.5( (GPL)... Tagged ELF for [IDE][TG3]    <-- okay?
Relocating _text from...
Boot from (N)etwork....

After selecting 'boot from Network'

I get
_Probing pci nic...
[ptg3-5704]Ethernet add...
Tigon3 [partno...
Link is up..
Searching for server
Me: (addresses)
Loading (ELF)... done
Firmware type: LinuxBIOS

(note the ' ' before the cursor) - at this point it's hung.

Is this the right process?

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