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If you have specific Nvidia chipset questions, you can ask me directly,
or I can point you to our developer liaison.

All of our chipsets use SIP tables to allow autoprogramming of (AMD) CPU
link defaults, MAC addresses, etc. The pointers to these 2 tables (safe
and user) are at 0xFFFFFFE0 and 0xFFFFFFE4 (dwords). Some of the table
format might be proprietary, depending on the chipset.

What was Eric's original question? I didn't see it come across the

- Tom Warren

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I'm debug the one Opteron MB with NV CK 804.

That chipset (SB) can use ROM Strap to set some register before control
is handed to CPU.

But the space it need about 0xffffffe00 to 0xfffffef. 

I guess that add and could solve the problem.
And it is only needed by fallback.

Please advise.



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