PPC and K8 Thunder 2885 support.

Steve Milo slavik914 at mrbrklyn.com
Thu Aug 19 18:30:00 CEST 2004

Hello all my name is Steve and I'm a Linux guy.

I lurked a little (maybe for two days) but I want to try to jump in ASAP.

I downloaded the mailing list archives and found the 'HOW DO I' FAQ which is
pretty helpful.  I want to maybe clarify a few things for my understanding but
a little background about me would probably be in order.

I dont have hardware level programming experience, most of what I know about
computers I learned through reading.  I like to think I'm a bit discriminating
about what I learn, but I would be wrong about that.  Learning is usually, at
least for me, a stumble around, trip over facts and fiction, tediously
seperate the wheat from the chaff, chew on the facts on my walk home, kind of

I am currently a student at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn New York and I am
fortunate enough to work with a professor who is giving me the very generous
opportunity to setup a small cluster consisting of a few dual Opteron 2885
machines.  This opportunity comes to me because I am trying to start a GPL'ish
software club here.

Also, I own a PowerBook G4 and I run YDL 3.0.1 on it.
This is the lspci output:
00:10.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW
[Radeon Mobility 7500]
01:0b.0 Host bridge: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth 1.5 PCI
01:17.0 Class ff00: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo Mac I/O (rev 03)
01:18.0 USB Controller: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo USB
01:19.0 USB Controller: Apple Computer Inc. KeyLargo USB
01:1a.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1410 PC card Cardbus Controller
(rev 02)
06:0b.0 Host bridge: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth 1.5 Internal PCI
06:0e.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Lucent Microelectronics FW323
06:0f.0 Ethernet controller: Apple Computer Inc. UniNorth GMAC (Sun GEM) (rev 01)

The kernel is a 2.6.6 which appears to work well.

Considering the purpose of this list my questions are probably fairly obvious.
Is there support for the 2885 motherboards?

And is there support for the PPC platform.  I had seen some posts regarding
PPC support and there is apparently someone here who runs YDL as well.

But I havent seen anything outright as far as support for both platforms I
mentioned.  Or perhaps to put it correctly, are the platforms I mentioned
What are the real dangerous pitfalls I should lookout for?  As in the kind of
pitfall that would render my machine a unique doorstop, would I would like to
avoid that at all costs.

Thank you,
Steve M

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