Subject: Re: AMD Serenade: Filo can't find/access ATA HD (IDE - /dev/hda)

Ken Fuchs kfuchs at
Mon Aug 16 10:37:01 CEST 2004

This problem was solved with help from Stefan Reinauer and David
Hendricks.  Many thanks to you both!

Stefan Reinauer wrote:

>This is a filo "problem", it stops before it even tries to boot 
>... Linux.

>You need to force filo to probe all the PCI busses, not only bus 0. See
>the mailing list archive for more information..

I started to modify pci_scan_bus() to scan all buses and then ...

David W. Hendricks wrote:

>Is PCI_BRUTE_SCAN = 1 set in your FILO Config file?

Oops, filo 0.4.2 already has pci_scan() defined to scan all buses, if
PCI_BRUTE_SCAN is set to 1.

Again, thank you, Stefan and David.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs at>

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