Linux bios and IBM Netvista 8363 (again)

zac luzader luzader at
Mon Aug 9 20:22:00 CEST 2004

Thats a good idea. Its a 32 pin socketed PLCC, an AM29F040B, 512KB AMD
Flash, data sheet:
Looks pretty standard to me, although you would know better than I.
This may be moot now, as just since posting the my inital message, I got
it to boot something sane of my own making, from CompactFlash (without
the network, which it was previously dependent on).
This significantly lessens my need to use LinuxBIOS, although I would
still be happy to reduce the startup time. Also, the BIOS only
understands uncompressed kernels (vmlinux). If it would accept a bzImage
then booting should be faster.

As an aside:
Through my experimenting today, I was able to find that this entire
board uses only 680mA maximum on its single 12V connector (not 3A as the
nameplate states), and will run off anything between 5.5 and 30 volts (I
only tested it to 14ish, the onboard switcher is rated to 30). This is
fanstastic news for me, since I intended it to run right off the
cigarrette lighter in my car, with only minor protection circuitry. And
I only paid $99 for it.

Hendricks David W. wrote:

>What kind of flash part does it use? Perhaps you use a mainboard with a 
>compatible socket rather than buying a flash device.

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