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On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 16:57, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > my graphics-controller is integrated in the Cx5530A-chipset. I think it 
> > should be supported, or am I wrong?
> Someone here on the list got it working, but generally speaking, it does
> not work out of the box. Cx5530 has a pretty broken design..

I did a quick and dirty port of LinuxBios V1 to an SBC with a GX1 CPU
and a CS5530 using the cocom/voyager2 directory as a base and managed to
get it up and running fairly quickly with console output on the serial

Basic console graphics took a little longer (but not much) but
unfortunately I then ran out of time before I got graphics working

If you want I can dig out the diffs and my config file and mail them to
you but I should warn you it was a bit rough and ready so they would
definitely need more work (and I don't really have time to pursue it
myself right now).

However a quick look at your config compared to mine shows a few lines
which I have in mine which may be significant (or not):

option ZKERNEL_START=0xfffc0000
option ZKERNEL_MASK=0xffff

option PAYLOAD_SIZE=196608

Of course if you're using LinuxBios V2 then this won't be much use to
you I'm afraid.

> Stefan



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