LinuxBIOS Video?

Richard Smith rsmith at
Fri Apr 30 09:34:01 CEST 2004

aphthong at wrote:

> So has anyone gotten an ATI video card to work without the emulation BIOS?

I'm working on an Rage Mobility M1 right now.  Yesterday I finshed 
porting some old GX DOS init code from thier developemnet site over to 
linux and I'm just about to start messing with figureing out the 
register differences between a GX and an M1.  Although they are both 
Mach64 based the M1 seems to have different address for things.

This dosen't really help most people though as the Mobility M1 only 
found in laptops, embedded setups, or custom boards like ours.  You 
won't find a general purpose video card with an M1 on it and I don't 
know of any non-laptop moterboards with one.

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