LinuxBIOS Video?

Hendricks David W. dwh at
Wed Apr 28 16:42:22 CEST 2004

We haven't had any success with Radeon cards in LinuxBIOS in our lab, 
though Ollie Lho might have some more information on that for you.

And yes, Tyan does support LinuxBIOS. Just ask YhLu what the best option 
is. He even has the LSI controller working on the newer Tyan boards, 

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Langlois Evan wrote:

> > It's a bit sketchy at the time. Right now we can use ATi embedded devices
> > (Rage XL) pretty well, some older stuff like on the SiS630, and EPIA
> > whatever. But for newer stuff like GeForce cards, we have had to toggle
> > some IORRs and stuff and run the VGABIOS after Linux is booted. From here,
> > framebuffering can be used for console display and X can run fully
> > accelerated in AGP8x with fast writes and side band addressing. This has
> > only been tested by us on the Tyan S2885.
> What are the chances of this working on the Tyan S2875S ?  Possible with
> an ATI Radeon card instead of GeForce (assuming the same tricks work on
> both).
> And does booting from SATA work?
> I heard something about Tyan supporting LinuxBIOS - is it actually
> possible to order with LinuxBIOS pre-installed?  I noticed there is a
> port80 LED on this board as well - which may help.
> Thanks,
> Evan

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