LinuxBIOS Video?

Langlois Evan evan at
Wed Apr 28 16:36:01 CEST 2004

> It's a bit sketchy at the time. Right now we can use ATi embedded devices
> (Rage XL) pretty well, some older stuff like on the SiS630, and EPIA
> whatever. But for newer stuff like GeForce cards, we have had to toggle
> some IORRs and stuff and run the VGABIOS after Linux is booted. From here,
> framebuffering can be used for console display and X can run fully
> accelerated in AGP8x with fast writes and side band addressing. This has
> only been tested by us on the Tyan S2885.

What are the chances of this working on the Tyan S2875S ?  Possible with
an ATI Radeon card instead of GeForce (assuming the same tricks work on

And does booting from SATA work?

I heard something about Tyan supporting LinuxBIOS - is it actually
possible to order with LinuxBIOS pre-installed?  I noticed there is a
port80 LED on this board as well - which may help.


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