LinuxBIOS Video?

Langlois Evan evan at
Wed Apr 28 15:28:01 CEST 2004


If video isn't supported on a particular board, does this mean that video
won't work at all?   I could live with no video until after the Linux
kernel initialized things, but I'm guessing that the card won't even be
listed in the device table.

Could someone explain this to me?  Does this apply only to on-board video,
or all add-on cards.  Am I right in guessing that no add-on video cards
are supported?   Would it be possible to go into 16 bit mode temporarily
to jump into the video ROM and initialize the card?

Basically, I want a fast desktop (K8 maybe, the bus speeds seem to make it
worth it) without a PC BIOS (I only use Linux, usually Gentoo).  It looks
like LinuxBIOS is mainly for headless clusters.  The "Status" file on the
web site looks painfully outdated, and the FAQ really needs some updates,
and the mainboard directory in the source wasn't quite specific about what
was supported either.

I haven't gotten anything from this list in awhile, so please copy me
directly  as it would seem mail from the list isn't getting to me for some
reason (possibly a problem at my end).

Evan Langlois

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