Etherboot 5.2.4 + btext console + filo patch

YhLu YhLu at
Tue Apr 27 13:56:01 CEST 2004

To me filo is just like enhancement to Etherboot ide_disk.zelf. but it is
more smart that it can understand file system and boot linux/initrd instead
of elf.

If we can put filo into Etherboot official tree, we can make use of the
framework of Etherboot. For example in Etherboot you still can only produce
filo.zelf, and it is less 32k now.

I didn't enable the multiboot in filo of Etherboot yet.


发件人: ron minnich [mailto:rminnich at] 
发送时间: 2004年4月27日 12:00
收件人: Peter Lister
抄送: YhLu; Stefan Reinauer; Eric W Biederman; LinuxBIOS
主题: Re: 答复: Etherboot 5.2.4 + btext console + filo patch

On 27 Apr 2004, Peter Lister wrote:

> My suggestion is to consider managing FILO as part of the Etherboot tree
> - Etherboot already has an IDE disk driver, which predates FILO, IIRC.
> The two projects are obvious complements. Also, I'd bet that an
> integrated set of net / disk / flash device services would play much
> better for integration with other projects like grub2.

There is enough appeal to the simplicity of FILO that we're not as 
interested (here anyway) in the etherboot integration. FILO is a small 
simple loader that does what it does well; Etherboot is a whole lot more 
complex. That does not mean I think merging it in is bad, but I also would 
like to see it maintain its seperate existence.


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