IBM/E325 problem fixed, other problems remain

Li-Ta Lo ollie at
Tue Apr 27 11:56:00 CEST 2004


I fixed the problem of all device on bus 0. It was an undefined
struct chip_control mainboard_ibm_e325_control, it is declared
in chip.h but is not actually defined in mainboar.c. Ron forgot
to change the name of the strucutre to ibm_e325 from arima_hdama.

Now the questions, why didn't gcc complain about this ? If that line
in chip.h is treated as "declaration" than missing the real definition
in mainboard.c for the IBM/E325 before is an error. If that line in
chip.h is a definition than the second definition in mainboard.c for
all other mainboards is an error. Why does not gcc say anything ?
Should I go back to school to learn C programming language again ?


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