EPIA-M startup times

Larry Matter linuxbios at matter.net
Tue Apr 27 01:23:00 CEST 2004

> Guys,
> Just wanted to have your estimate about startup times for EPIA-M mobo.
> ATM it takes about 9 secs to go to payload.

Hmm.  I'm seeing about 5 seconds from power on until I get an etherboot
message.  This is on an EPIA MEII 6000.  I don't have the vga bios in
there, would that account for the difference?

Then etherboot prints out:
Analyzing Media type,this will take several seconds........OK

It doesn't actually take very long, but it bothers me anyway :-)

It's about 18-20 seconds until the kernel starts all the way up and
complains about my lack of a valid NFS root.


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