PVR with LinuxBIOS. What board is recommended? Some questions

Larry Matter linuxbios at matter.net
Tue Apr 27 01:04:01 CEST 2004

I am also building a PVR solution and am hoping LinuxBIOS will help the
startup time (and be a neat project).

>>And this EPIA pops up everywhere on PVR pages, but it has only 2
>> PCI slots... very dificult to decide...
> You should also be aware that the EPIA processors are not the fastest.  If
> you use the PVR-350 and use its hardware MPEG2 compression and
> decompression you should be ok.  But, if you try to use the epia's cpu to
> compress and/or decompress you could hit the cpu limits.

I'm currently using EPIA-M's with MythTV (http://mythtv.org) and am quite
happy with them.  My project is described at http://linpvr.org.

I would be happy to talk to you about my experience.  It's off-topic for
this list but you can email me or use the forum on my website.

I currently have LinuxBIOS loading etherboot as the payload and that loads
a kernel over the net.  I don't have VGA working yet but I understand that
has been done by others so I'm hopeful this will work out.


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