Via Epia-MII BiosSavior problems

John Laur johnl at
Mon Apr 26 17:53:00 CEST 2004

Ignacio Verona wrote:
> Hi! Just a few minutes ago I've built my first linuxbios romimage. This
> week, I bought a RD1-PL BiosSavior for my MB (PLCC socket) and installed
> it. For all this week, the BiosSavior has been working, with the switch on
> "ORG" position, and correctly loading factory bios. 
> And, for writing my new BIOS to the "backup" memory of the BiosSavior, I did 
> put the switch to the RD1 position, and then #./flash_rom romimage. Ok, it 
> seems to be well written to the memory, but before trying to load the new 
> linuxbios I wanted to boot using the old and... It will not boot!! With the 
> switch on ORG position, using the serial console, I can see LinuxBios boot 
> up, but I hangs (this does not worry my at this time), but the only way I can 
> boot my mobo is removing the biossavior and installing the original flash 
> chip into the original socket... Did I bought the wrong BiosSavior? What 
> happens??

The flash part that they are using in the newer RD1-PL's is kind of 
crappy. It takes me quite a few tries to get it to flash properly. I 
have put the original bios onto the RD1 and do my LinuxBIOS developing 
on the original flash part. I suspect you are probably in the same 

Flash with your switch set to RD1 and then do a verify to make sure that 
it worked ok.. Repeat if not until you are successful. This has taken me 
someitmes 10 times to get a correct flash.. I don't know if it's 
flash_rom's fault or the flash part. I suspect the latter is the problem 
since there is never a problem flashing the original part.


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