Still wandering how to parameter dev/bios

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Apr 26 04:33:01 CEST 2004

* Mathieu Deschamps <mdeschamps at> [040426 11:18]:
> I still trying to parameter dev/bios to get it open another
> bios, but I just don't know. By default, insmod bios.o opens
> main bios into /dev/bios. As written in the README.bios, it
> is possible to open other devices since it says something on
> mknod /dev/gfxbios c 104 1 and also mknod /dev/hddbios c 104 2.
> Making nodes is possible by simply insmoding bios driver don't open
> every bios. If anyone already get it work onto other bios, please 
> mail me your way so I can study it.

Opening other firmware chips besides the system firmware does not work
currently. It stopped working with 2.4.x and I never got it working
again (Haven't really looked into it, though since this works fine with


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