ATI rage xl.init

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Apr 26 03:49:00 CEST 2004

* Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at> [040425 20:46]:
> As a general rule devices don't need that and it is the responsibility
> of the device driver to enable/os to enable it.
How do other OSes besides Linux do this? Are they broken as well?

> Unless someone can show me a relevant passage of the pci spec,
> that says differently.
I think we can allow fixes for OS level problems in LinuxBIOS to some
small extent, even though fixing the OS is highest priority if the OS is
the problem. 

> Any linux device driver that can't cope with a device that does
> not have it's bus master bit clear and needs it set is broken.

s/linux//. There's a lot of things broken that we cope with, ie the need
for both mptable and pirq table seems like such a thing.
> Devices with bus master set are allowed to DMA into main memory
> whenever they feel like it so it is dangerous to enable that
> bit indiscriminately.

--> If at all, it should be done with careful checking.


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