Via epia m-II BiosSavior problems

Ignacio Verona nacho at
Fri Apr 23 09:36:01 CEST 2004

Hi! Just a few minutes ago I've built my first linuxbios romimage. This
week, I bought a RD1-PL BiosSavior for my MB (PLCC socket) and installed
it. For all this week, the BiosSavior has been working, with the switch on
"ORG" position, and correctly loading factory bios. And, for writing my
new BIOS to the "backup" memory of the BiosSavior, I did put the switch to
the RD1 position, and then #./flash_rom romimage. Ok, it seems to be well
written to the memory, but before trying to load the new linuxbios I
wanted to boot using the old and... It will not boot!! With the switch on
ORG position nothing happens (I dont know what happens with linuxbios, I
still do not have a serial cable) but the only way I can boot my mobo is
removing the biossavior and installing the original flash chip into the
original socket... Did I bought the wrong BiosSavior? What happens??


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