Open bios dev/bios bug report

Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at
Thu Apr 22 09:33:01 CEST 2004

Le jeu 22/04/2004 à 15:51, ron minnich a écrit :
> On 22 Apr 2004, Mathieu Deschamps wrote:
> > I want to make /dev/bios work because LinuxBIOS flash utils just
> > write whereas /dev/bios is IMO a elegant way to read/write/>? to
> > many bios.
> If you're going to do that why not just use MTD?
> If it works it is pretty ideal.
> ron
short answer: True this is the final goal.

other answer: This because of I gave myself several milestone before
getting a LinuxBios booting my littlish kernel on DOC for embedded

 First get my main bios open and same other bios chip mounted
onto a PCI novotech card with a DIP to PLCC adapter, if it's possible.

 I want to make it with dev/bios and the make a backup copy of my SST
bios chip.
I have done already one with someone that let me use his eeprom
programmer, and well that horrible to handle, what a nightmare !! 

 So long live dev/bios and its cat /dev/bios > /dev/otherbios 
 because I have never seen a such simple call doing so much 
that's truely elegant.
 So I was saying, I want to make a(nother) backup copy with it, thus
validating dev/bios : and if this new bios boots i'll go on

 Burn onto it my linuxbios.bin with no payload, debug with serial 
 port, understand, correct buggy things. When it seems to be all right, 
i'll go on.

 I'll build a new linuxbios with a Hard disk IDE kernel payload , VGA
support, Network support ... understand ... correct things... go on

 Endly, I'll build a new lb : a kernel payload for a DOC onto a PCI card
DOC slot. In the Doc I'll try to put the main bios this aims : 
1 flash chip centralizing bios and os a shared goal I believe :) And to
be able to upgrade OS and bios on the same go (would be a plus)...Server
centralize various linuxbios to distribute to clients is also to
courageous aim fo me.

 In fact , we don't know how up this could go, so I let  try to combine
and see how far the rabbit hole runs ...   

 Oh ...nearly forgot, i try also to clean my source tree, and to
document my work also to submit it to linuxbios community .


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