flash_n_burn rom utils, /dev/bios ... resquest

Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at mangrove-systems.com
Tue Apr 20 10:50:00 CEST 2004


I was wondering in what measure it would be possible to
read/write a bios via a LPT port. If i am not mistaking, every 
flashing facility solution reads/writes a onboard bios chip.

I know this could sound very strange to you. Also, I know how 
difficult it is to handle request that steps aside of what
the system is meant to do. 
But I don't feel confident with bios hot plugging...
I've read this is a sensible operation and well ...
Mainly i couldn't afford to "break" my unique build machine bios !

I'd rather like to make
a backup copy of my bios in another chip and then to cold
plug this copy to work with Linuxbios.

Has anyone felt this worry . How come could I resolve this ?

thanks in advance


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