epia-m latest cvs works

Dave Ashley linuxbios at xdr.com
Tue Apr 20 08:08:01 CEST 2004

I cvs updated and the latest changes were there (earlysetup.inc and
the mainboard.c). I built the rom with this script:
# Modify the example.config to point to the right payloads for vgabios.bin
# and the etherboot payload
cd /ram/build
rm -rf obj
python /ram/freebios/util/config/NLBConfig.py example.config /ram/freebios/
make -C obj

NOTE: I had /ram/freebios as the cvs checked out tree.

Here is the diff on the example.config from the tree and the one I used:

< target /opt/cwlinux/buildrom/epia-m
< target /ram/freebios/obj
> target /ram/build/obj
< payload /opt/cwlinux/etherboot/src/bin32/via-rhine.ebi
> #payload /opt/cwlinux/etherboot/src/bin32/via-rhine.ebi

Which is pretty simple, just picking my payload and vgabios.bin. My
vgabios.bin is just extracted from the c000:0000 memory after having boot
up from the stock bios, same as everyone else's. My payload is based on
etherboot 5.0.10 but other versions of etherboot are fine too.

Anyway this tree builds fine for my needs.

It also appears the temperature monitoring functions of the VT1211 are
also working correctly.

One of the tweaks I do in my version now is switch the ttyS0 and ttyS1 so
ttyS0 ends up being the inside one. Now that I think about it there is an
obscure bit I had to set to enable that internal port, but I've posted about
this in this mailing list. I think I enable the parallel port also. I don't
enable the IDE controller(s) but those appear to be on now but I'm not sure.


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