epia-m 1/2 vga

ron minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri Apr 16 10:29:00 CEST 2004

Dmitry, I can not not move the vga stuff before final_mainboard_fixup --
it won't work if I do. I think in general hardwaremain should wait to
touch VGA until this point.

You can take a look at CVS if you want and see what to fix in epia-m to 
make this go.

Serial port now works fine at the right speeds.

Dave, see what you think of CVS. 

Filo works fine, but I can not yet elfboot a kernel image from IDE-FLASH. 
The kernel just prints lots of ????????????? and eventually blows 
up. Weird. I can't get to a baud rate setting that works.

I gotta go do some paying work, and I want to see what you all think of 
the current state of things anyway, so please get back to me and let me 
know how it all looks.


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