ATI rage xl.init

Brian Maly bmaly at
Wed Apr 14 16:46:01 CEST 2004

Question about getting the ATI XLrage working...

I tried the new ati/xlrage driver on an arima/hdama. Linuxbios reports:

ati_regbase = 0xfd002400
ati_ragexl_init: 3D RAGE (XL PCI-33MHz) [0x4752 rev 0x27] Devices

Im then loading the atyfb.o framebuffer kernel module (I assume this is
the right one to use). The screen then does some init and switches to a
video mode the monitor seems happy with, but nothing but lines appear
(much like the lines you get when X doesnt recognize the video right)

Using fbset to change video modes does seem to work, the screen
resolution changes, but I cant use the fbdevice with any frame buffer
test programs or with X (the lines never go away). 

Im trying:
 (1) to get the framebuffer working as the graphical console, and
 (2) get this working under X. 

Is there some secret to getting this working? Maybe I am missing an
important step or something.... 

Also, Im assuming that in order to use the framebuffer as the console, I
can pass "vga = 792" and "video=atyfb:mode:1024x768,font:SUN12x22" to
linux when it boot.

Do I need to set CONFIG_CONSOLE_VGA = 1 in

any help is appreciated. 

-Regards, Brian

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