XScale Port

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Mon Apr 12 15:50:01 CEST 2004

Joshua Wise wrote:
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> On Monday 12 April 2004 10:44 am, ron minnich wrote:
>>>x86 emulator will probably be to ugly a path to use on an ARM platform.
>>I'm not sure I agree.
>>I think it is doable.
> Just remember that ARM is probably too slow to emulate x86 anywhere near as 
> fast as you would like to run drivers. Also remember that XScale does not 
> have floating point, so it's not really worth your while to put a 3D accel on 
> an XScale system. FWIW, most XScale machines that I've seen use the "pxafb" - 
> the internal LCD driver.

I can't say much, but we need and use the 3-D graphics.
> For an alternative for LinuxBIOS that works on ARM systems, you might consider 
> looking into the handhelds.org bootldr, or my LAB (Linux As Bootldr) code. If 
> you have questions, ping me on IRC ... irc.freenode.net #handhelds.org (I'm 
> joshua_.)

We could just run Angel, U-Boot or Redboot but we would like LinuxBIOS
since there are PC type peripherals on-board, PCI bridges, southbridges,
audio accelerators etc (theswe are not weenie PDA boards). We may have
8-16 cpu's on PCI-X 64b/133. Areas where LinuxBIOS beats the pants off
the other bootloaders.


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