Via Epia V8000 bios

fedde at fedde at
Mon Apr 12 05:15:00 CEST 2004

Hi all!

Fist of all i would say linuxbios looks like  a great project, and now it
can maby help me.

I got a Via EPia V8000 @ 800mhz
( that is
strugeling abit. It appears the onboard 1.06 bios has problems with with
wireless network cards that is made of atheros due the irq sharing on the
pci slot that it's sharing with the usb that is not needed.

The board is booting from a CF disk on the ide, so i would also like to
know if it's possible to treat the ide controller as normal, so it's
possible to change the CF with a hard drive later on?

So, anybody wanna have a go creating bios for this board, or give me som
guidelines on how to disable and creating the bios, but i got not too much
experience with bios creation.

Any help would be appriciated becouse i'm stuck with two of these boards
that are unusable for me.

FredriK B

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