FILO 0.4 [PMX:#]

Yinghai Lu yhlu at
Sun Apr 4 15:05:00 CEST 2004

I have checked the Etherboot, and it would be some easier to integrate filo
into Etherboot.

May add one BOOT_FILO in cmos.layout.

In the core/main.c, will judge if boot type is BOOT_FILO, and will call
filo, and set state still =4, so it can boot next device.

The problem is it is some kind of hard code. How can I enable tg3-filo.zelf?



发件人: Eric W. Biederman [mailto:eric at] 代表 Eric W. Biederman
发送时间: 2004年4月3日 20:33
收件人: Greg Watson
抄送: Yinghai Lu; 'SONE Takeshi'; linuxbios at
主题: Re: g-e$: FILO 0.4 [PMX:#]

Greg Watson <gwatson at> writes:

> Yeah sorry, I kind of did that by stealth. Ron and I get lots of requests
> people wanting to use LB but who don't know how to deal with the payload
> issue. We decided that it would be really nice to have a simple bootloader
> understands some basic filesystems built into LB. That way people can get
> without having to deal with etherboot or FILO directly. A nice side effect
> that it simplifies the FILO code significantly - in fact the only code
that is
> really required is the filesystem support. Also, another major plus is
that the
> code supports PPC as well as x86. Up to now I've had no bootloaders
> or FILO) that work on PPC.

Then we refactor and make building the bootloader part of the tree.
These things are policy engines.  We need to separate mechanism and policy.

As far as I can tell this level of support crosses the line.

etherboot is portable and would not be hard to get running on ppc.


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